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Hello lovelies!

I did a video yesterday about what I've been doing this week. I hope to make one each week to talk about the things I'm liking. Play the video to hear about whose abs I'm obsessed with, which song is my battle cry and what's on my mind this week.

It's a bit over exposed and I've got wet hair but hey ho.
(Click through to my blog to see the video if you're reading via email.)

(An excellent example of Fibro-brain, when talking about Autumn trends..."You're going to see lots of denim, yadda yadda, errm, errrm, lots of denim." Hahaha.)

Edit - My mum rang this morning and Pete (my step dad) should be finishing treatment next week. We've gone from hearing a week or two ago that he'd need chemo up until Christmas, and now they're saying he's almost done. So hopefully that's true and they're not going to change their minds next week (which wouldn't be a total surprise.) It's something to be happy about if it is true! It's been the case that he's responded really well to chemo throughout, so hopefully they're right and he'll soon be home. Of course he'll have lots of check ups, but fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading and/or watching, and have a great weekend.
Leah xoxo

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