Plus size 1920s flapper girl with In The Style Curve

Plus-size-1920s-flapper-girl-with-In-The-Style-Curve fancy dress New Years Eve //
I bought a dress from the recently-launched In The Style Curve collection, and as soon as it arrived I knew it'd be perfect for a flapper-girl influenced outfit for New Years Eve.

It's not a faithful recreation of a 1920s outfit - I haven't done period hair or makeup and I know nude tights were often worn in that period, but I used black as I didn't have any. It's fancy dress rather than an authentic flapper girl costume, which is just what I intended. I love everything of this time period - especially the art and jewellery. Art Deco style is so decadent - I dream of having a black and gold Art Deco themed bedroom. I ADORE the use of marcasite, onyx and mother of pearl in the jewellery of the time, and in modern reproductions.

If you want to do flapper girl fancy dress you can use the pearls and headband like I did, or use a cigarette holder and a feather boa, or a beautiful beaded or fan shaped bag.
Let's talk about the fit and quality of In The Style Curve. The sizing is very generous, and I have seen other bloggers say the same so I know it's not just my perception. This dress is a size 28 and is extremely generous fitting, as you can see in this photo below. The fabric is a lovely high sheen polyester which looks even better in the flesh.
I know flapper girls weren't known for being busty as very lean bodies were in vogue then (side note - UGH to certain types of bodies being 'in fashion') so I wore an old strapless bra which keeps my boobs in check and still minimised.
The peekaboo back detail is lovely. The high sheen fabric does highlight my rolls and cellulite, but I'm wearing the dress without shapewear as I have rolls and cellulite and I am down with that. If you wanted a sleeker look you could use shape wear, but as far as I'm concerned if a fat girls' body is more scandalous to behold than all the injustice and horror going on in the world then people really need to get a life. 😲
I hope how fun and flirty I felt in this dress came across in the photos. I really did feel like a million bucks.
I just bought the bronze one too in the sale.

I'm wearing:
1920s style headband, eBay £6.59
72 inch long faux pearls £2.49
Curve Pearless Silver Pleated Midi Slip Dress up to size 28 £24.99
Dotted ribbon belt, from another top
20 denier tights, Big Tights Company up to size 42 £6.95
Nude shoes, Simply Be E width fitting £5, EEE width fitting £5

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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