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Hello everyone!

Lovely Nikki from Natty Nikki tagged me in a video blogger tag, which is here.

I had some problems with making this video (see my sweary Twitter rant earlier if you want the details) but all you need to know for now is it cuts out halfway through the 9th question as the camera battery was about to die, so I quickly did another bit of video and spliced it onto the end. I hope the video will entertain you. It's a bit dark but I hope if I ever do another video again, it'll be better quality next time. :)

Two errors I noticed, I spoke about my grandad in the present tense, and he's long dead, and I spoke about Naomi's blog in the past tense when I'm very much still a reader. I talk too fast for my brain to deal with!

God, I can go on! I only thought I'd be talking for about 3 minutes!

Be kind (please?)

Here are the questions if you'd like to do the questions yourself:

1. In one sentence how would you describe your personal style?
2. Who are your favourite fashion icons and inspirations?
3. What has been your toughest and most rewarding fashion challenge this year?
4. What one beauty product could you not live without?
5. What are your favourite clothing retailers and why?
6. What is your current go to clothing which makes you feel amazing?
7. Tell us something we don't know already.
8. Do you have any fashion goals for the upcoming season?
9. Do you have any personal goals you'd like to share?
10. Say who you're tagging next. 

Thanks for watching.

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