The first time tag

Hi! I saw this tag over at She Might Be Loved and thought I'd give it a go as I don't feel well and it's an easy post to do while I snuggle up under a blanket.

1. First Best Friend?

My first best friend was a girl called Rachel, who I'm still very good friends with now. I met her when I was about five. Our mums went to the same church and they were friends so we became friends.

He we are on holiday in Gran Canaria in 2001
2. First Kiss?

My first proper kiss was with someone called Paul who was a bit of a weirdo, to be frank. I think I wanted to get it out of the way just to say I'd had my first kiss! I got my first boyfriend not too long after when I was 15.

3. First Concert?

I went to my first gig when I was 16. I don't do things by halves - I went to the Monsters of Rock gig at Donington in 1990. (Yes, I'm that old!) I went with a couple of friends on the coach. It was a looooong old day but it was really good. Whitesnake headlined, and the other bands were Thunder, the Quireboys, Poison, and Aerosmith.

4. First Celebrity Crush?

I think it was Erik Estrada from CHiPs. I loooooooooved him.

5. First Word?

Probably 'fuck' knowing me!

6. First Pet?

We used to live with my nan and grandad but when we got our own house we got a dog called Nipper, who was a very ratty Jack Russell terrier. She used to bite our heels, hence the name. As she got older she was a little shit who used to attack other dogs. She's get into bed with one of us, nick all the covers then growl at us if we tried to take some back. Little ratbag. She was about 17 when my mum had to have her put down. She was blind, deaf and lame. Later I had a cat called Tilly, who broke my bloody heart when she died. She was my baby.

7. First job?

I worked for Unwins, who were a wine merchants with a few hundred stores. I worked at their head office doing telesales.

8. First Phone?

I had one of those black Nokia things with an aerial you had to pull up.

9. First Tweet?

No idea. I think I'm on my 5th or 6th account now. When I get hacked off I start again from scratch.

10. First make-up?

I used to go through my nan and mum's make up bag. I remember when I was about 14 wearing bright blue mascara and pink eyeshadow with frosted pink lipstick. Ye gads. Crimes to beauty!

Thanks for reading.

This weekend is going to be low on posts because I'm feeling craptacular. Have a good one!

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