Illamasqua Electrum liquid metal

Greetings earthlings!

When Jane from British Beauty Blogger (who writes a must-read blog) put together a beauty box a couple of months ago I was all over it. This was included in the box (more details/photos about the contents of the beauty box in my post here.) This is not a review, just a first look. I need to have a proper play with it and test its longevity.

As far as I know it's not supposed to be worn as a lipstick, but I thought why not.

It's such a bold & beautiful shade which would be great as an eyeshadow or eyeliner for a sparkly look, or even as a facial highlight, blended out well.

I'll use it in a make up look soon.

Have you tried anything by Illamasqua? I have a few bits. I love their concealer, hate their normal eyeshadows (but their pigments are great) and there are a couple of bits the jury is still out on.

Thanks for reading.

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