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Howdy pardners!

As I don't have much money at the moment to buy new things I'm digging deep in my wardrobes to find gems I haven't shown here for a couple of years. 

I bought this top from Yours Clothing a couple of years ago. I used to buy LOADS from Yours but they really ramped up their prices a while back and I don't find them to be at all competitive now, especially when you have the likes of ASOS Curve and Pink Clove whacking out brilliant, affordable fashion.

I'm struggling with the early darker evenings Autumn is bringing. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome buggers up your sleep patterns and has made me nocturnal. I usually stay up till the early morning and wake up early afternoon. CFS also dictates I need at LEAST 10 hours sleep a night, but often it's 12. Some people with CFS are bed bound all the time so I'm grateful to be out of it for half the day. This means that in Autumn or Winter there's little time for me to get photos in daylight, and I have to edit my photos more, which often leaves them looking weird. My apologies, in about March everything will be OK again. Hahaha! ;)

Top, Yours Clothing
Skirt, ASOS Curve
Shoes, Mr Price (from South Africa.)
Earrings and necklace Extreme Largeness
Bracelet, eBay

Does the lack of light in Autumn and Winter affect you?

I think I also get a bit of SAD. I always feel so much happier in myself when the sun is shining.

Thanks for reading!

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