OMCZ 15 - Oversized OOTD

Hello loves!

It was Nikki's turn to pick the theme for this 15th challenge and she picked oversized.

As soon as we got the theme through I knew I'd wear this top, which is the most oversized item I've ever bought. It's from ASOS Curve and is supposed to be a 26 but would fit someone well into the 30-sizes. 

I teamed it up with an oversized necklace and some bracelets. I was after that Betsey Johnson/Patricia Field vibe.

Top, ASOS Curve (January)
Leggings, ASOS Curve
Necklace, eBay
Shoes, Rocket Dog
Bracelets, various (old)

I just wanted to say I've come so far since I joined this challenge. I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but I wanted to join a fatshion challenge a long time before I joined this one (this was my first challenge, now I partake in a few.) I was worried that I'd ask to join one and someone would say something like 'Oh NO, we don't want you!' It's ridiculous, but that's how little confidence I had earlier this year. Now I'm getting my VBO out all over the place and virtually give no shits. I just wanted to share that although you might not be confident now, it's a journey and it DOES get easier. So put yourself out there.

Do you like oversized things?

To be honest, I don't prefer oversized clothes. Form fitting things flatter me more, and I'm a vain bitch! I love oversized accessories though, especially hair flowers.

Thanks for reading!

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