Great things about being fat

Hello cockles!

It's Monday. Eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrggggggghhhh. Here's something a little lighthearted to ease you into your week.

All you ever hear in the news is how bad for you being fat is, but rarely does anyone mention the bonuses.

1. More room for tattoos. YAY!

It's a no brainer, right?! I love tattoos and my personal preference is for bodies who tell their stories with pretty pictures and quotes on their skin. We have more 'material' to tell our story with, which is one hell of an advantage.

2. Hugging a fat person is like hugging heaven. Hugs are always good but hugging a fat person is like hugging a feather filled quilt with a squidgy marshmallow topping. I'm often told I give awesome hugs. Of course! I feel awesome to touch!

3. If you're a cat or dog person, you likely have a bit more surface area for them to get comfy on. Moar cats! Moar dogs! What's not to love with those cuties vying for the comfiest spot in our laps?

4. Kids will love to clamber on you. My niece never sits willingly on the sofa when she can make herself comfy on my well-upholstered knee.

5. We are quite often warm, so we make excellent heaters in bed or on the sofa on chilly evenings.

6. So I'm told, getting on down with a fat person is a sensory overload of squishy delights. Like the cheeky saying goes, we're built for comfort!

Can you think of any more advantages? Let 'em rip in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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