Elf jumbo eyeshadow sticks


I bought these jumbo eye pencils a while back and just realised I didn't post about them. As many a beauty blogger before me will attest, often the rate at which things are bought vastly outweighs the rate they're shown. Mea culpa!

I got French Lace, a champagne shade and Little Miss Thing, a bronze.
I didn't buy these pencils to use on my lids as I find any kind of creamy/waxy/pencil eyeshadow to be a big fat loss for me involving pretty horrible creasing, so I'll use them in the inner corners of my eyes to make me look wide awake. They apply pretty smoothly in that they don't drag on me, but they are a teeny little bit patchy in the heart shaped swatches above and look kinda waxy. I haven't tried them on my lids yet as I don't intend to use them there, but I suspect without some kind of primer their longevity will be poor, especially if you have oily lids. I don't consider myself to have oily lids, and don't have a problem with most powder eyeshadows even without a primer, but creams don't like my face. Hey ho! I know with these kinds of products they work best with a powder product applied over the top, but I can't be arsed with that most of the time, to be frank!

They're £2.50 each for 3g, available in 10 colours.

There are a lot of bolder colours which look pretty enticing on paper, but again for the reasons previously stated I'm not buying.

Have you tried these eyeshadow sticks? Do creamy eye products work for you?

If you've got some of these and they work for you I want to hear allll about it!
Thanks for reading!

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