Fatshion February 05/02

Hello sweet peas,

With today's outfit I grabbed 3 items of clothing and to see what happened.

I'm really liking mint at the moment, which has surprised me because I lived through the big pastel heyday in the 80s and have been avoiding them pretty much ever since. ;) Sometimes these things just creep up on you. It gave me the opportunity to wear my mint & tartan moustache hair flower as well. There's a close up of it later in the post.

There are entirely too many photos of me on the blog with my mouth open recently!

Hello boob!
Can I get a 'Hell yeah!' for my boobs? I bought this Evans bra a couple of years ago and never wore it because it was too small and I forgot about it. I dug it out last week and put a bra extender on it and hello boobs! I'd forgotten what it's like to have a really good cleavage. My Goddess bras are incredibly hard wearing and comfortable, but do nothing for the girls. This particular bra isn't on sale now, but it's the concealed wire design from Evans and I will be buying more next time I need a bra. It's not a particularly comfortable bra, but dayum it makes my tits look fantastic!

Attack of the fluffy hair!

Hair flower, Off With Her Head Millinery
Mint cardigan, clothes swap with Mookie
Sweetheart crop top in scuba, ASOS Curve
Skirt, past season Yours Clothing
50 denier tights, Donatella's
Chain back biker boots, past season New Look wide fit
Earrings, past season Primark

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