Fatshion Feb 23/02


Sorry for the radio silence, I've been up north visiting friends. We stayed in Ramsbottom, near Bury in Lancashire. Here's an outfit I wore on Friday, as we travelled up. We stayed at a hotel near Melton Mowbray on Thursday and had a leisurely drive up through the Peak District on Friday.

I bought this dress on eBay and it cost about £8.50 including postage. It's from ASOS Curve originally and I liked it at the time but dithered and missed out. I'm glad I managed to find it for such a good price. I love the autumnal colours. It might be considered a bit 'nana's curtains' for some but I love it.

It's really comfortable and the long sleeves are great for this time of year.

I'm wearing:

Dress, ASOS Curve via eBay
Lace side leggings, Yours Clothing
Chain back boots, New Look wide fit

The weekend was fantastic, but marred a bit with bad luck. I had hideous period pains going up and coming back, but that pales into insignificance in comparison to my friend we went to visit, who spent the whole weekend in hospital with pregnancy complications. :(

I've come back with pink eye in both eyes so won't be wearing any eye makeup until that clears up. I have some beauty posts to come, a post about what we did and some photos from oop north, and will no doubt do some outfit photos without eye make up - hail Leah the amazing tiny-eyed mole woman! Hahaha.

I'm going to catch up on replies to blog comments now. Have a great week!
Leah xoxo

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