Fatshion February 16/02


This weekend James and I went to Kent to see my family so I wanted to wear something casual and relaxed for the journey. A new shirt I ordered from Boohoo+ came Saturday morning so I wore it, of course! It's a size 24 but so oversized I think it would fit a person of a size 30-32 easily. Excuse the photos - they were taken on my phone.

I don't think this outfit works from an aesthetic perspective, but it was comfortable, and I needed comfort as we did a lot of walking and driving on Saturday. We had to go to 2 different towns to collect things for my aunt and after that I was hunched over for a couple of hours helping my step dad figure out how to use his new laptop. I kept trying to rest but he was impatient in that way only toddlers and grown men can be! (Aren't they the same?!) I spent so long at an awkward angle I've injured my lower back - it's super painful and I can't straighten up properly because it's so stiff. Add some stabbing pains in my back and the occasional shooting pain down my thighs and I'm really not impressed. Bah humbug!

You can't really see it as I'm wearing the shirt over something black, but it's sheer. It's a nice twist on a checked shirt. It has a stepped hem at the back so it covers up my bum.

I'm wearing:

Hollie tartan oversized shirt, Boohoo+
Dipped hem batwing top, Yours Clothing
Yours Clothing leggings with lace side trim
Chain back boots, past season New Look wide fit
Hair flower, past season New Look

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!
Leah xoxo

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