Ali Express novelty handbag wishlist

Hello you,

New Look have started a fire in me for novelty handbags, and the more strange they are the better. eBay isn't quite out there enough for me these days, so I had a good look on Ali Express and saw a few I love.

Rubik Cube bag
Black acrylic perfume bag
Black faux leather perfume bag
Milk bag

Ooh, shut the front door! Look at this beauty!

As ever with an auction type site, check every seller's feedback before you buy - my links don't endorse the seller. I've ordered 2 or 3 things from Ali Express so far, and they have a very good system in place to refund you if your order doesn't arrive or isn't as promised. I've had no problems so far, but be aware shipping takes ages, at least a month usually.

Do any of these bags take your fancy? I may have already bought one *whistles*.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

(All photos belong to the source.)

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