Simplifying my life part 2

Hello muffins!

In the spirit of being an awesome human being who has time for the people who are there for me, there are a few more things I've done to limit the amount of noise coming into my head and diverting me from things I should be doing (like ringing my mum.)

More selective viewing on Facebook

Ah Facebook, ye olde productivity sucker. I took up Margot's suggestion about swapping bloggers' fan page likes on my personal Facebook account to my blog Facebook account. I think it's about 50/50 now. It means that when I go to Facebook, I'm seeing half as much blog news as I was before, which is doing me the world of good as before I was having blogging shoved down my neck 24/7. As well as spending an hour or two a day on writing, photographing, editing photos, coming up with ideas etc etc there are the endless emails coming into my blog account which carry propositions so odd in some cases I take a week to come up with a polite response. These emails can come in day or night, a constant 'work' reminder. There is no time off as long as I'm near my phone or laptop. Then going onto Facebook and seeing everyone else's 'work' was making me feel like my head would explode. Things are a little better now. If I want to catch up with ALL the bloggers I follow on Facebook (remember I follow all their blogs as well, so a lot of this stuff I'm seeing twice a day anyway) I just use FB as Just Me Leah. My sanity is coming back.

Blog reading

I like to be well read and read blogs about plus size fashion, beauty, animals, urban exploration and a heap of other stuff, and often in multiples of the same category. I've been strict with myself about the things I do want to see and what I don't. I hit 'read' on all of these posts now to save time:

Fragrance posts - It's such a personal thing. I know what my favourite scent ingredients are (mainly vetiver, unfffff) and I'd sooner go onto a site like Fragrantica and search for perfumes containing that rather than read 27 reviews of the same pop star fragrance a week.
Lush posts - I have nothing against Lush - I used to be as addicted as the next girl. The trouble is EVERYONE loves Lush and that means my feed is a frenzy of people who may possible masturbate over those little black paper bags of smelly goodness. 
Empties posts - Why, just why? I never have the urge to root through my bin to show you what I've used. Shall I start - here are some soiled sanitary towels, and how about a few used tea bags? Why do it with lotions and potions? Next!
Haul posts - Beauty or fashion. I don't need any temptation to spend. I have to avoid them as they trigger me to want alllllll the things.
Recipe posts* - Because part of getting older and wiser is knowing yourself. As much as I can read a recipe and think 'I'm going to cook that!' am I hell! I like to throw whatever I've got in into a pot, the oven or the slow cooker and see what happens. (*Unless we're talking cocktails and then I. am. down. for. that.)
Diet posts - Everyone is entitled to write about their quest to shrink themselves. However, having spent over 25 years of my life dieting, I am not at all interested in reading the intricasies of your food, weight loss and bowel habits. At all. Ever. Even if you're weally weally special. Kthxbai. 
People who can't spell or punctuate - no I don't mean whose first language is not English, nor people who make the occasional spelling/punctuation cock up (because I make plenty!) I mean people who can't spell at all and have paragraphs that come to about 1000 words without a single piece of punctuation. I kid you not I once copy and pasted someone's entire blog post into Word to see what the word count was because there was noooooo punctuation in the whole thing. Then I read it aloud to James in a sing song voice until I nearly passed out through lack of air. Yes, I'm that bitch. That kind of thing makes my eyes bleed, my jaw clamp and my fists want to lightly massage someone in the face. Spell check peoples. There's an add on for that. P.S. It's could have/could've not 'could of'. It's my pleasure.
Clickbait/sensationalism - Drama for the sake of getting a reaction. If I want a bit of controversy or want my blood pressure to go up quicker than a porn star's wang, I only have to look at the Daily Fail comments section or go about my life as a fat woman giving no effs. I don't need to feed anyone's quest for their 15 minutes seconds of fame.

P.S. I'm hormonal. Yes again. I have approximately 10 days a month when I'm not in hormone hell, and I've used them all up for this month. What really gets your goat about blogging?

Tell all.

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