Unconditional Body Beautiful part 2 - The heart

Hello, here's part 2 of Rebecca's Unconditional Body Beautiful body posi challenge.

I've chosen to not use the word 'bust' in the title to keep strange men away. ;)


This is about how do you feel about your bust? How does it influence your fashion choices? How do your girls influence your day to day life? Are you happy with the size of them in relation to the rest of your body? Do you have a bra-drama story to tell?

If you could get a boob job, would you? Have you? Do you think your chest defines your femininity? Or not?

I'm at peace with my boobs now, because I've realised mine are perfectly normal, and perfectly unique. Growing up it was a different matter entirely, as this was the era of Baywatch and page 3 boobs shoved in my face every time I saw a Sun newspaper, and there was zero representation of bodies like mine in the media. In fact it was only a few years ago when I joined Tumblr that I started to see lots of different bodies and lots of different boobs and realised mine were absolutely fine. My partners have always liked my boobs but I don't think it's a good idea to base my self esteem on other people's opinions of my body. They've gone up and down in size as I have, but they've usually been reasonably in proportion to the rest of me so I have no complaints. I don't tend to wear blouses or shirts much because of the issue of straining buttons over my bust, but it's a small problem and there are no other issues I find with clothes because of my boobs.

Bras however have been the bane of my life. I wish I had a pound for every time I've been stabbed by a broken underwire or waved goodbye to a £20+ bra when the wire has popped out and refused to go back in no matter how many times I sewed it back in. I have a bra graveyard full of bras I can't bear to part with but are essentially useless. On top of that there's always been the compromise between comfort and uplift. I love my Goddess bras, and they are very comfortable, but they don't give me a cleavage and don't really do much for lift either. I have 2 Evans concealed wire bras which give phenomenal lift and a killer cleavage. I'd forgotten my boobs could look like this!

I don't think boobs make a person feminine or not. Are women with very small boobs less feminine? Nope. Kate Moss has done very well for herself, wouldn't you agree? Does a woman who has a mastectomy become less of a woman? Of course not. Femininity is an incredibly complex thing made up of a mixture of physical characteristics, attitude and gestures and I think both men and women share a mixture of feminine and masculine qualities. Boobs do not equal femininity. I'm glad I have them, but I would be no less of a woman without them.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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