Fatshion February 14/02


Happy V-Day if you celebrate, and if you're single, perhaps this post from a couple of years ago is more your style.

I was supposed to have a photo shoot yesterday but the photographer got stuck on the M25 in traffic hell, so we've rescheduled for Sunday. Here's what I was wearing. I wasn't going to take photos as eventually you'll be seeing some from the photographer, but James insisted as he thought I looked the bomb dot com! Please excuse the mess in the background/foreground.

I did very natural make up as I wanted the dress to be the focus, and besides, in this bra no one will be looking at my face anyway! ;) Holy uplift, Batman! If you saw the photo I posted on Instagram yesterday, you'll see this bra gives me cleavage half way to my chin. I love these Evans concealed wire bras so much. Back to the makeup, I used the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette, which is a dupe for the first UD Naked palette.

I love how the hearts hair band from this months C&G Glitterati box is a perfect shade match for this dress. Unintentional match-iness is the best! This dress is normally £45 but I got it for £28 in some sale or other 2-3 months ago.

I'm wearing:
Heart headband C&G Glitterati box
Concealed wire bra, Evans
Lady V London Isabella dress
Polka dot handbag, past season Very

50 denier tights, Donatellas
Shoes, from a friend

When I wear this on Sunday I must remember to wear my Domino Dollhouse floofy petticoat underneath. Yes, floofy is totally a word. ;)

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.
Leah xoxo

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