Fatshion February 20/02

Hello loves,

In this outfit I'm the jolly green giant! I usually plan what I'm going to wear before I get up in the mornings, and I had a fancy for green this day. The headscarf doesn't match the green of my dress or tights, but never mind. I just wrapped it around my head, tied it in a bow and turned it to the side of my head. Ta-da! I wore the lacy cardi to tie in with the lace on the dress, and because lace and florals go together like cheese and pickle in my mind. 

This is another pair of those cheapo eBay tights, and I've noticed a definite size discrepancy, I'm sorry to say. The purple and red ones had a seam at the front and 2 at the back and fitted pretty well, but these ones and a mustard pair I bought have 2 front seams and 2 rear and don't fit as well. I'm bummed, especially as some of you will have bought these on my suggestion. Having said that though, some of you might not be as bountiful in the hip department as me. Talking of hips, I was watching a program the other day about 4 ladies with big hips, including a lady with 99 inch hips. All the ladies loved their big hips and it's inspired me to love my bountiful back end a little more!

I'm wearing:
Headscarf, Christmas present
Dress, past season New Look Inspire
Cardi, from Mookie
40 denier tights, eBay
Patent wedges, past season Evans
Handbag, past season Primark

You may have noticed throughout Fatshion February I've been wearing more separates than dresses. For me, wearing a dress is the lazy option. I can go to the wardrobe on autopilot and pull any dress out and chuck something together. I've been deliberately trying to use separates and older stuff so I have to think a bit and dig out stuff I haven't worn in a while....but today I felt inspired to wear green and I actually haven't got too much of it.

Have a great weekend!
Leah xoxo

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