Simplifying my life online

Hello you!

When I had my recent short break from social networking, I decided to simplify my life in other ways to reduce the sheer amount of information being fed into my brain every day. I've got ruthless about the things I let into my head to preserve as much energy as possible. Having chronic illness and/or depression makes you ruthless eventually. It's taken me over 7 years to realise the only person I hurt by taking in too much crap is me, but I got there eventually! ;)

Here are a few things I did recently to free up more time and de-stress. 


I've been on Facebook for nearly 8 years and in that time I'd accumulated so many needless likes out of FOMO (that's fear of missing out.) Before I came back to Facebook properly I spent a couple of evenings removing myself from endless groups and also unliked hundreds of fan pages I'd followed for some reason or another back in the mists of time.

I went through my newsfeed and clicked the little down arrow above the kind of posts I don't want to see any more - game notification posts, popular quizzes (what kind of dog are you, what band should you be in, etc) and also unfollowing the very few people on Facebook who want to make me smash my head into a desk repeatedly. We all have a few people we have to keep around out of diplomacy to stop World War 3 from starting, but it doesn't mean we have to read their every thought.


I unsubscribed from almost all the shopping newsletters I'm subscribed to. I can't tell you the amount of time I was spending each day just deleting endless emails. Now I should have more time as well as more money as there'll be less temptation in my life.

Blog reading/commenting

First of all let me say I read a LOT of blogs - fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If I had read another blogger's blog for a long time, commented on it regularly and they never replied once or never ever commented on mine, I've removed them from my list of blogs I read. I'm not going to expend any energy on one-way relationships any more. I used to see myself supporting loads of bloggers (UK bloggers particularly) as something I could do as I'm not working, you know support the scene as I have more time on my hands than most. For me now it's ill advised to spend my time and energy supporting people who've never been there for me. It's all about priorities!


I've been too nice for my own good and have always tried to follow back as many people as possible on Instagram, but it's got untenable now as there are so many people following me, most of whom recently have been men who look like they'd boink a knot in a tree. So I've got a lot more selective. I basically only follow women now, hahaha.

I've also stopped replying to the typical creeper 'Ur so hot' messages from men on IG. For one thing, I don't live my life or take photos with men in mind AT ALL, two I don't need validation from guys who I see copy-pasting the same crap on loads of other girls I follow, and three, I ain't got time for that!

(Incidentally, this lady Kimberly 'Sweet Brown' Wilkins is awesome. You should check out her video if you haven't seen it all over the web already. I love her, she looks so happy, even though she's talking about a horrible fire.)

What haven't you got time for?

Thanks for reading, and taking the time. ;)
Leah xoxo

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