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Hello lovelies,

I had a lovely break in Weymouth over Easter and I have a couple of posts planned to tell you all about it. James and I went away with 4 of our friends - a married couple, and a mother and daughter. It was brilliant, the weather was reasonable and I feel really refreshed.

We headed off to our friends M & T's place in Wiltshire on the Thursday. They'd offered to let us stay to break up our journey, which was very thoughtful. They have two cats so staying with them is doubly wonderful. Fussing kitties always makes me happy.

The caravan we stayed in was at Littlesea, a caravan park with gorgeous sea views just outside Weymouth. I love caravan holidays and have been going on them all my life. I find caravans really cosy. This one was privately owned and was really nice, and really spacious as caravans go.

Our friends kindly let James and I have the double bedroom with the en-suite loo as they know a comfy bed is really important to me with all my aches and pains from Fibro.

The kitchen was equipped with everything you'd expect and more, and there were numerous books, CDs, DVDs and computer games throughout the caravan, as well as flat screen TVs in all 3 bedrooms.

There is a small veranda at the front of the caravan which looks over the beach, and there were some lovely sunsets to be seen from it. The beach isn't a 'pretty' beach, with bits of old masonry and plastic bottles strewn about, but it had a charm of its own in a way. The tide never comes in too far so you can walk along the coast fairly easily.

What we did:


We went to Wetherspoons for a hearty breakfast, then hit the road. Arrived in Weymouth, did a supermarket shop, went to Finns rock pub then headed off for a meal at The Wellington Arms, a cosy little back street pub with a friendly feel. We came back to the caravan and had a birthday party for myself and our fellow holiday goer, another April birthday girl whose birthday was the day after mine.


In the early afternoon we went for a walk along the beach. I chilled out in the caravan in the afternoon while 4 of our party went into town as I was so tired. James brought me back a lovely pair of earrings, a 'just because' present. On Saturday evening we went to Finns again. There was a band on and we all got gently toasted over the course of the evening.


On Sunday morning we headed off to Portland for a drive and to blow away the last of our hangovers. It was warm enough for me not to need a coat. Yes, spring is finally here! We went to The Pulpit pub for a livener then spent an hour or two exploring the coastline by Portland Bill lighthouse. I rested often on the rocks. We stopped off at a kebab shop for tea as all the sea air and exercise had us all starving. We had a night in with drinks and lots of laughs.


Up at the crack of dawn (OK, 8am!) to pack and leave. I was supposed to be meeting another friend in Weymouth that day but she was held up and James was anxious about bank holiday traffic building up so we had to leave it. :/ We took our friends up on their offer of staying over with them again on Monday night, so we went to a rare breeds farm where I fell in love with a little lamb who'd been rejected by her mum. It was gloriously hot, another coatless day!

Finns is always fun. James and I have been to Weymouth a few times before and have been in Finns often. It doesn't change over the years, like all the best pubs.

I included the giant deckchair photos as we took them on the way home from Finns when we were all rather merry. :) I was still giggling to myself half an hour after I went to bed - the sign of a good night!

I took my Kindle and didn't read a thing the whole time. I took a fair bit of makeup and hardly used it except for Saturday night. I laughed until my ribs ached, got lots of fresh air, did a bit of drinking and lots of relaxing and I feel years younger. The company was perfect and it was lovely to spend lots of time with our friends. 

All being well we'll be going to Cornwall sometime next month with James's family, and you guessed it - it's another caravan holiday! ;)

Thanks for reading. I have some photos of Portland and the rare breeds farm to come up in another post.

Leah xoxo

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