Pastels & polka dots

Hello loves,

Yesterday the man-piece and I went out for a lovely long drive to blow the cobwebs away. We stopped off quickly at a church to take some photos of what I was wearing.

Everything is old except the wired hair bow and bag. The bag was a present from my friend Lis and is one of the Lulu Guinness for Red Nose Day charity bags. I doubt there are any left in stores now as RND was last month. They usually fly off the shelves.

The wired bow is from April's Crown & Glory Glitterati box. Still the best £20 I spend each month! (Post coming up with all the goodies from this month's box soon.)

The dress is Simply Be from a couple of years ago. It's a lovely coral shade which sometimes looks red in photos.

It was really nice to feel the air on my skin. It was cold in the shade but lovely and warm in the sun.

We popped into Asda on the way home to pick something up. I didn't put my jacket on even though I had one in the car as I was keen to prolong the freedom of less layers. I'm quite self aware and know when people are staring at me, as they are wont to do when they see someone of my size who is confident. It doesn't bother me any more. Are they staring because I'm very fat, or because I have big tattoos, or because of my piercings? Maybe it's all three. Who cares!

I don't even bother to look at starers when I feel laser eyes upon me these days. Not giving a shit is SO freeing. Next time you have a moment of anxiety and think 'Oh, I really want to cover up!' ask yourself what is more important, you or the opinion of some random staring idiot?

Wire headband, C&G Glitterati box (not sure if it'll be going onto the website or if it's a Glitterati box exclusive.)
Dress, past season Simply Be
Leggings, Very (twin pack - one long, one cropped - wearing the cropped ones here.)
Grey plimsolls, past season Primark
Bag, Sainsburys (for Red Nose Day, probably not in store any longer.)

There are lots of these Lulu Guinness bags on eBay (three different designs) and for more than they cost originally, but the quality is easily worth the £12 or so sellers are asking for. It's a really strong bag with straps wide enough for my fat arms to get into, and a large phone pocket inside. There's also a loop to attach keys to. This was my favourite design of the 3, so I'm happy Lis got me this one. :)

Have a great Sunday & thanks for reading.

Leah xoxo

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