Life Lately #4

Hello love bugs!

Since we got back from holiday I've been away for the weekend again (visiting family/having my birthday meal) and have started to feel the after effects of a lot of activity in a short time. Aside from blogging a few times this is what I've been up to.


I've been reading lots. I think I'm on about my 6th Jo Nesbo book now (all read in about the last month.) I love his books so much - he does plot twists brilliantly.

Catching up on blogs

I think my blog reader had something like 400 posts to read when I came back off my holiday. Eep. I didn't read all of them by any means but I've been having a mass comment session every few days.

Researching camcorders

I've saved my birthday money and a voucher I won from Curry's last year and I'm going to be getting a camcorder soon. I want to do makeup posts as well as general life stuff and body posi things. I'll probably share the ups and downs of Fibromyalgia, CFS & depression too. First of all James tried to talk me out of buying a camcorder at all as our phones currently have better recording quality (visually) than most camcorders, but then he realised I'd need the flip out screen and some other features like decent sound, so he's actually putting some money in of his own to get me a decent one (which is nice as the original plan was for him to put some money in towards a camcorder for my birthday, anyway.) Otherwise he'd had got away without getting me a present at all. *SIDE EYES*

Getting organised

I still have that Monday feeling even though I don't leave the house to go to work (go figure!) The last 2 Mondays I've busied myself with taking photos for blog posts (except outfit photos, which I do when I feel like it) as then I feel like I've made a productive start to the week. I think focussing on good stuff rather than thinking 'Ugh, Monday!' is really helpful, plus it means there's less stress on me with regards to photos the rest of the week. With makeup swatches, I make notes in a pad with the names of stand out shades, product weights and any thoughts on the products so when I go to write up a beauty post I'm not relying on my crap memory! I'm determined to photograph my enormous 'to swatch' makeup pile before summer is out so I can string out the posts even after the current glorious sunny days are over. There's nothing like the look of sunshine on makeup swatches done in spring and summer. That grey dull excuse for light we see here for about 5 months of every year would make a diamond look like dog shite. And thus, people who live outside the UK, this is why we have a reputation for being grumpy arseholes. So would you be if your life looked like it was viewed through a hobo's underpants for 5 or 6 months of the year. ;) All thoughts of that shall be cast away now, as hopefully we have several more months of sunshine ahead of us yet.

Decluttering, or not

I made a great start on 40 bags in 40 days, but that's fallen to the wayside now. I've donated 5 huge bags to the charity shop, and recycled/thrown away at least another 2 bin bags full of crapola since, but I haven't started on the real crap magnet places like the cupboard under the stairs (which has about 6 large storage boxes full of various tat), nor started a real clothes clear out. I did a shuffle around of clothes in my wardrobe yesterday, and pulled out 4 dresses to sell, swap or give away. I have a system. I take clothes from the right side of the wardrobe, and when they've been washed afterwards they go to the left side of the wardrobe unless I'm obsessed, in which case they go back to the right. This kinda ensures things get an even wear, but don't even start me on my chest of drawers x 4 and all the stuff lurking in them. There could be anything in there. All in good time. It might be more like 40 bags in 140 days, but I'll get there eventually.

Some other stuff floating my boat.

23 best movies on Netflix
Have you seen any of these? I haven't seen any, including Trainspotting! (I've seen the end, but not the whole film.)

50 things you should stop buying and start making
I might try some of these, particularly the toiletries and cleaning materials as I'm really keen to minimise chemical use because of the sensitivity issues I have. I'm no earth mother but if things are reasonably cheap and hassle free to make I'll give anything a try once.

The town that is literally under a rock
I shared this on Facebook recently, and it's worth a share here too.

Celebrity mugshots
I spent way too much time on this site!

I don't know why I find this so erotic as I don't smoke, but it's Momoa so...........

What's floating your boat? Have you seen anything at the cinema or heard any good songs lately?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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