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Hello honey buns.

I need more makeup like the ocean needs more liquid, but I recently spent some points on Cohorted that I won last year at Plus North. I had £30 to spend so I bought a bunch of Sleek goodies.

I've got quite a few Sleek eyeshadow palettes, but I didn't have the Sleek Makeup Original eyeshadow palette.

If you haven't heard of Sleek, they're a cruelty free company and are one of my favourites as they sell make up for all skin tones, from very pale to very dark. (I like to spend my money when I can with companies who value the custom of dark skinned women. Illamasqua and Sleek are a couple of brands I admire because they have foundation/concealer for just about everyone.) Their products are always good quality and reasonable in price. Their 12 pan palettes are £7.99. I really like their blushes and lipsticks too. They're along the same lines as MUA and Makeup Revolution when it comes to quality, and since MUA and Makeup Revolution are a lot cheaper, I'd imagine Sleek are losing custom. Sleek used to be a real beauty blogger fave, but I don't hear so much about them now.

I like most of the shades apart from the blues. I have a love/hate relationship with blue eyeshadow because it's incredibly easy for me to look tacky wearing it.

Longevity is pretty good with a primer, and the most pigmented shades will last most of the day on me without too much creasing. There is a little fall out on application, but not too bad - nothing a quick flick of a wet wipe can't fix. I always put my foundation on after eyeshadow for this reason.

I never thought I'd say this as I've always been a sparkle fan, but I'm really drawn to matte eyeshadow of late. Because I'm getting older my lids are getting crepey, and shimmer shadow makes it more noticeable. I've made a compromise: I wear shimmery shadow on my upper lids, but blend it out towards my brow bone with neutral matte shadow to stop me looking like the singer from Twisted Sister. ;) Using matte shadow above the crease also stops the shimmer shadow getting transferred to my upper lids. Because I have hooded eyes that can sometimes be a problem. Matte shadow has less glide so keeps everything in its place. I might also try using a light dusting of translucent face powder on my sparkly shadows to tone them down a bit. That's preferable to giving up allll of my eyeshadows. Ha.

Has the way you do your makeup changed as you've gotten older?

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