Photo Story #3

Hello you!

I'm really enjoying digging through the photo archives to find old photos to post.

These photos are from 2006 and James and I are in Alexandra Park, which is a large sprawling park in Hastings with woodland, fishing lakes, a rose garden and sports courts, amongst other things. We go every couple of months to see what changes the seasons bring.

This photo was taken back in the days when I was less comfortable having full length photos taken, as you can see by the limpet number I'm doing with the tree. ;) It's silly because I was a lot lighter then, which proves confidence is all in the head, isn't it? I didn't really know how to dress for my shape at all then. I didn't really get fashion until I started sharing my outfits on this blog. I've learned so much about my body and what suits me from trial and error, and I've reverted several shocking fashion fails to my drafts folder as they make me cringe to look at them! Haha.

I would recommend taking photos of yourself to anyone. I've totally learned to love myself by being able to see what I look like from all angles. Even if sometimes I've seen a photo and thought 'Ugh!' as a kneejerk reaction, after looking at it for a bit I'll soon start to like or love that part of my body. As fat people we don't see enough bodies like ours positively represented in the media so it's no wonder we have a fear of seeing our own bodies. And that fear of less than perfection is something that everyone can identify with, I'm sure, when so much is airbrushed and fake these days. We compare ourselves to computer approximations of people, not real people. It's so much fun to be different and celebrate our differences. That's what makes us beautiful, after all. I spent most of my life wanting to be like everyone else when I was a rare gem already. Love yourself, because no one does you as well as you do.

I'm a fan of Ansel Adams and his famous black and white works. I think black and white doesn't work for everything but is ideal for details, like the starkness of the bark on this tree. In colour it would be just another tree, but somehow the absence of colour brings out the texture. I can almost feel the bark under my fingertips.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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