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Hello lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago now on the tail end of our holiday we went to Cholderton Charlie's rare breed farm. I absolutely adore animals, I'm like Dr Doolittle! Being around animals heals me from the stresses and strains of life so I have a fantastic time any time I get to spend time around cute critters.

My friend and I each bought a bag of feed for the animals and we fed the sheep and goats. Goats are greedy little gobblers who'll run along the fence following you for more food and sheep breathe their slobber on you while you feed them - tickly! My favourite animal of the day was a little white lamb called Mary who'd been abandoned by her mum and was desperate to be touched. I spent about 5 minutes stroking her and I wanted to climb in with her and stroke her all day. There are a couple of short videos at the end of the post where you can see her.

I think horse's eyes are beautiful, like deep pools of emotion. The ponies were absolutely gorgeous. It's amazing how you stroke an animal gently and speak to them softly you can sense them relaxing and trusting you. Just about every animal loves their head scratched, you can't go wrong with that! If there's ever any recovery from Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME I'd LOVE to work with animals.

This lamb had the cutest little horns!

Trying to eat my scarf!

Here are some very short videos where I baby talk the animals.

Here's Mary. She was nibbling my hands and anything that stuck out (my rings, my hair band) with her cute little teeth. I presume she was looking for a teat. So adorable. Lamb is TOTALLY off the menu now, not that I ate it often before but next time I have an urge for a kebab, I'll think about Mary instead.

I would definitely go again. I absolutely loved it. We watched pig racing, fed the animals, sat in the sunshine outside the cafe eating ice cream and had a lovely afternoon in the sun.

Do you like animals? I want to go to Middle Farm soon, which is much closer to home - and it sells cider! Wahey.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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