Hair cut photos

Hello sweet peas!

I got my hair cut on Saturday and here are some photos of my hair and make up. As usual I had an asymmetric fringe cut in and I'm growing out most of my undercut. (It's about collar length now, I just have one short bit on my right side by my ear.) I'm growing it and it's reasonably healthy at the moment so I just had a trim.

I'm wearing ELF coffee liquid eyeliner on my brows and eyes and Sociable by ELF on my lips.

My hair has been scrunched and curled to within an inch of its life.

I'm holding a strand to show how long it is uncurled.

I started off the day with my makeup like this (below) but I washed most of it off when I washed my hair at my hairdressers - her shower hose is a bit of a fighter - so I redid it as in the photos above. I'm wearing a purple matte eyeshadow from a Stila palette I bought a couple of years ago.

I don't do 2 make up looks in a day very often, so I thought I'd share. They're both simple and relaxed for that weekend vibe. I'm pleased my hair is halfway down my back now. It's taken a long time to grow it.

What's the longest you've ever had your hair?

Twice when I was little I had hair down to my waist, then had it all cut off. Now my hair is greying fast, a lot of my hair is coarser than it was, which makes it thicker, especially combined with reverse shampooing which I've been doing for just over a year now. It really works to increase body. Another weird thing about going grey is for every grey hair I find I seem to find a very thick, wiry black hair, which is most odd as my natural colour is auburn and my hair is usually fine. I'm going to have some funky looking hair in a few years time - part grey, black and reddish brown. At least life won't be boring. ;)

Thanks for peeking!
Leah xoxo

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