In a funk

Hello loves,

I think I've hit my post holiday funk. 

I've had a really busy couple of weeks including our holiday (we were away last weekend too) and I'm starting to feel the effects of so much tearing about. This is typical of Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME. You think you've got away with being more active without any ill effects and then they sneak up on you a couple of weeks later. ;) I'm sleeping well at the moment (which is so rare for me) but I still feel shattered, and the only thing to remedy it is more rest. This never sits well with me as I have far more ideas than energy, and I always want to zoom ahead and feel better already.

As usual I'm beating myself up about the housework, and the living room is very cluttered. It's a mess of drying laundry, an assortment of odds and sods covering every inch of the coffee table, and dry laundry I have yet to put away. I had the genius idea of spring cleaning and freshening up ALL our bedding and most of our towels so there are about 8 duvet sets and a zillion towels all over the place. God help me, I must've done 10 wash loads in the last week alone. And there is the nature of chronic illness: going bananas when you get a rare energy boost, then dealing with the mess of what you started when you've run out of beans. Hahaha.

I'm in kind of a funk with regards to outfits as well. I'm not buying much so there are less new things to blog about, but I'm not enthused with my existing wardrobe either. I feel blah about getting dressed. I just look in my wardrobe and close it again, defeated. It's daft, but that's fatigue - it makes even the simplest of things seem like too much hassle. I need a few days on the sofa or in bed reading and I know I'll start to feel better.

So I guess this is a heads up that posts may be a bit thin on the ground until I find my mojo again.

Thanks for listening.
Leah xoxo

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