10 great things about going out with a geek

Hello me lov-er-lies!

My husband is so geeky he came out of the womb quoting Pi to 20 decimal points...or something. ;) Here are a bunch of great reasons to date a geek.

1. If you want anything fixed, the geek is your person. If I have something wrong with my laptop, husband face comes to the rescue. If I can't find out how to do something on my phone, hubby will know what to do. If a lead falls out of the back of the tv and the wires look like spaghetti junction he'll put everything in the right place before I can boil the kettle.
2. Science geeks know everything. Why is the sky blue? What is a red dwarf? What time is the bus to Eastbourne? All these things and more will be stored in the head of your favourite geek.
3. Your geek will be more likely to get a boner over Phys.org than over little people porn.
4. Your brainiac will stray no farther than the nearest computer.
5. Your nerd will most likely know what the best tv/laptop/tablet is at any one time, meaning tricky decisions and laborious research is a thing of the past.
6. Your friends and family will love your geek as he'll sort out all their techy problems.
7. Your boffin can shut down pushy sales staff because he's probably better informed.
8. Your geek is always happy. A new star! A new planet in the Goldilocks zone! A new computer game! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.
9. You have a mutual appreciation of Dr Brian Cox, even if it's for different reasons. Ooh, silver fox!
10. You feel a little smarter than you did before as some of the geeky knowledge rubs off on you.

The final word has to go to my geek.

I've been trying to get James to do a geeky guest post on my blog, because when he goes off on one of his rants he's hilarious. (Ask him what he thinks of allotments. I DARE YOU.) Who votes the geek gets his say?

Have you got a geeky partner? What's the best thing about being with them?

Thanks for reading. Live long and prosper.
Leah xoxo

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