Party party party OOTD

Hiya pickles!

Last night I went to the engagement party of my dear friends Rach and JP, held at Rach's mum and dad's house in the countryside. I can't believe two of my favourite people (who I played matchmaker with a few years ago) are getting married next year! I'm so happy for them. It was a really lovely night of food, wine, and a little dancing to cheesy disco music with the mother of the bride-to-be. I had a little drunken epiphany that we should all dance while we can, as the day might come that we'll be too old/infirm/disabled to have a boogie. Wouldn't it be a terrible shame to want to dance and not be able to? Dancing is so joyful and no gathering is complete without it (even if my joints yell at me a bit the next day.)

So my new motto is 'Dance while you can', which is a metaphor for life really - make the most of it while we can or else there'll be regrets later. If I ever get too old to cut a rug, I'll do what I call 'chair dancing' - where you sit down and wave your arms around. Yeah, I'll be a funky old lady come what may.

I didn't take photos of what I was wearing before we left, so we did it when we got in, complete with my red booze-glow face and food baby! You know I bring you all the good stuff. ;)

I wore:
Leather jacket, New Look
Scarf, eBay
Dress (worn as top) old Yours Clothing
Skirt, old Yours Clothing
Shoes, old Evans
Rings, New Look
Hair flower, (just seen) Off With Her Head Millinery - full post coming soon as I have two OWHH hair flowers to show you.

I seem to be wearing an awful lot of black recently, must be the old goth in me popping her head back up. Black is so easy though, isn't it? Everything matches. It's the perfect 'I can't brain today' outfit. What's your no-thought outfit go to?

Happy Sunday, or Monday if you're down under.

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