My brooch collection

Hello pickles,

I've only really gotten into brooches in the last couple of years. I used to think they were a bit too 'old lady' for me but then I realised if I enjoy something, it's silly to miss out because of self-imposed rules. Plus I have a thing for cardigans and brooches & cardigans go together like sunshine and ice cream. Plus, I am kinda old, so it's all right. ;)

There's no theme to my brooches. They're as random as I am.

Pirate ship, eBay
Custard cream, bought from Lolly of Lolly Likes Fatshion
Anchor, bought from local museum shop
Feather, given to me by my friend Elaine
Big cat, Sister Vintage
Gambling chip, I can't remember
2 x unicorns, bought from Rachel of A Dress Is For Life
Lion head door knocker, Sister Vintage
Scorpion, gift from blog reader Lu for my birthday

I've forgotten my lovely Drown Soda Tea & Cake ones....nooooooo! Here they are! (Drown Soda are on hiatus due to a family matter & the website is currently down, hence no link to the website.)

I forgot I have a lot more brooches tucked away in my wall unit - all the ones on my brooch bouquet from our wedding! They're staying where they are though, Elaine worked too hard on it for me to start hacking them off to wear.

I've just noted the bride's arm in the shot above looks a lot like a penis. ;)

Do you collect anything? I used to collect those twee Lilliput Lane thatched cottage ornaments many years ago. Now it's mostly dresses!

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