Simply Be denim babydoll dress


You know when you see a dress and it's instant love? That. I'd seen this dress on a few different bloggers and fell in love with it. When I came across a Simply Be online voucher code (there's always one lurking around in the depths of the internet) I decided to buy it.

Plus size denim dress

Plus size dress by Simply Be

It's proper denim, not chambray, and is a medium weight fabric. I'd say it's not as heavyweight as denim for jeans, but it's still a quality material. And it has pockets. Can you hear the angels sing?!

It's so so so comfortable. I wore it on Sunday when we went to my aunt's caravan in Essex. It was a 2 hour 45 minute journey there and back on a really hot day and I was cool and breezy all day. I'd advise sizing down if you like a tighter dress fit and staying true to size if you like a little swing. I got a 28 as I'd heard it was oversized and there's plenty of room for me in it. It's a good length front and back. I wish they made this dress in allll the colours of denim. It's whooshed straight to the top of my fave dress list.

Oh, about the glasses on/glasses off thing on my blog recently - my eyelashes are driving me batshit. They're so long they rub on my glasses all day leaving greasy little marks. They refuse to curl so I can't even get them out of the way using an eyelash curler. I've given up wearing mascara on my top lashes at all as it only makes it worse, so sometimes I take my glasses off to stop me having to clean them every. five. minutes. I'm seriously considering giving them a hair cut.

Dress, Simply Be
Leggings, Very
Necklace, Primark
Bracelet, Sister Vintage
Shoes, Just For 5 Pounds

If you want a really effortlessly easy dress you can wash and wear time and time again, and accessorise in a million ways, this will do it for you.

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