April revisited - new blog feature

Hello loves,

I use my blog partly as a diary but mainly to share things with you. I've decided to add a monthly round up post with photos and links from the previous month. Also it's a good way for any new followers to catch up quickly.

So, what happened in April? Well, I hit 40 for a start and had a great weekend in Birmingham with a lot of my friends. I was spoiled rotten with gifts and also had a lovely meal with my family. I started to feel a bit older than I'd like so decided to grab the bull my the horns and up my exercise and eat a little better. The juicing is going great and I feel a little more vibrant already.

I talked about the new make up brand on the block, Makeup Revolution and swatched a few things.We were lucky enough to go to a few lovely places over the long Easter weekend like pretty Hawkhurst.

Some popular posts in April:

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This month's Insta photos

Line 1 - b-day make up practice | a Momoa b-day greeting | in Birmingham for my b-day
Line 2 - lovely Nikki in Brum | birthday cards | birthday greetings from my niece
Line 3 - a rare Chinese for a birthday treat | sunny days are here | my juicer arrived

Line 1 - eating better, porridge | chicken & veg | good make up day
Line 2 - hubby's good hair day | new slippers | new onesie
Line 3 - in the woods | still from an Instavid | hubs' beard after 12 days off work

Line 1 - juicing | sunlight | ELF order
Line 2 - morning routine | body jewellery win | on the beach
Line 3 - Superdrug order | massive clear out | another fab Rachele Cateyes portrait

How was April for you?

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