Aldi plus size items review*

Hello lovelies,

In this post recently I spoke about how Aldi are selling a small collection of plus size basics from size 16 upwards on a specialbuy in store from May 8th. Please read my initial post for size details and all the items available. 

I was sent 3 pairs of underwear, 2 kinds of bras and a top to try.

Firstly the undies. 3 pairs for £3.99.

I really like the knickers. They're sturdy, well made and they don't roll down at all, even when I bend over. Having knickers which disappear under the overhang is not my favourite thing, so I'm pleased these pants stay put. They have wide elastic at the waist to hold them up and a wide gusset. I hate plus size knickers which have a tiny little gusset, because if you're in the slightest bit active, your knickers end up where the sun doesn't shine. These are a size 28 and are a snug fit but feel very comfortable and don't cause me any discomfort at all. If you like your knickers a bit loose, size up if you can. 100% cotton. Heartily recommend! I might buy a few packs and dye them funky colours.

Unpadded bra two pack.

The unpadded bra is a twin pack (one black, one white) and the material is really soft and touchable. There is a 3 hook closure at the back, and although the straps themselves are rather narrow, there is a wider area at the shoulders to help bear some of the load. Although this bra is comfortable on, looks well made and feels glorious to the touch, my boobs are too heavy for the unstructured cups. They've spread outwards and downwards to give me a look I'm not enthused about. Also the side straps aren't wide enough to accommodate my overhang of flesh out of the sides.

However, at £8.99 for two bras, they are a good buy for those with less overspill to deal with. Be aware as they aren't padded they can expose your nipples a bit. To make this bra perfect for the higher end of the size scale slightly wider straps over all, wider side support and some side boning to push the boobs back towards the centre would be a good addition. I'm wearing a 42E, their largest size. I normally take a 44E but the bra has a fair amount of stretch so bear that in mind. For smaller ladies with less boob/flesh to squeeze in I think this twin pack will be a good basic addition to the bra arsenal.

 Padded bra. £5.99 (mistakenly quoted as being a twin pack in my first post.)

The padded bra is pretty, with its added embroidery and bows. There is some padding and uplift with this bra so it gives my girls support and I like the way my boobs look in it. (FYI, it's not the that's bra lopsided in the top photo, I'm standing on my good leg.) There has clearly been some thought put into this bra, as it has side boning (highlighted in the photo above with 2 black lines) but for me it's too close to the underwire itself and not far enough around the side of my body. Because my boobs jut out so far forwards, the boning is in the side of my breast itself, rather than further round my torso where I need extra support to stop the sides of the bra being swallowed up by my fat overspill.

Again this bra has a 3 hook closure and narrow straps. For me, if the straps and sides of the bra were fractionally wider and the boning was about another inch or so closer to my armpit it would be ideal. Just because it doesn't work for me it doesn't mean it might not work for you. For ladies with a little less side boob than I, this is a perfectly good bra and again the quality seems very good. I'm wearing a 42E and there is stretch in the bra so it may fit larger.

Top £4.99, available in red, blue and mocha.
available in red, blue and mocha
available in red, blue and mocha

Pardon me for not getting fully dressed, but all the whipping on and off of clothes was making me hot. ;) I love this top. It's 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and it feels like a hug. I was sent a 20 and obviously I'm a lot bigger than that, but as you can see there's a lot of stretch. It feels like a really well made garment and is so comfortable. It has a cute little pocket over the left breast. I really like this, a lot more than I thought I would, because it feels so nice to wear.

Overall this is a promising micro collection from Aldi and they've obviously put some thought into making items for bigger bodies - they haven't just scaled up patterns. I think if they take customer feedback on board and make a few small changes here and there the signs are good. It's a positive step that Aldi are doing plus size basics - especially at such bargain prices - and the ability to pick up a few items while doing the weekly shop is a definite bonus. If the range goes well it would be great for the next plus size specialbuy to have a more inclusive size range - up to a 30-32 - even if this inflates the prices. If this were to happen I volunteer my services as a fit model. ;)

It's outstanding to think you could in theory have an entire outfit from Aldi for £27.95 - a £5.99 bra, £2.99 knickers, £4.99 top, £4.99 leggings and £8.99 shoes.

The specialbuy starts on May 8th and is going into ALL Aldi stores in the UK. I will be heading down to our nearest Aldi soon afterwards to pick up some leggings before they all go (and stock up on their wonderful facial serum while I'm there!) and check out the pyjamas. Specialbuys are for a limited time only - when they're gone they're gone - but there will be more lines coming in the autumn.

Does any of this appeal to you?

Thanks for reading!

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