So...this happened

Hiya lovelies,

Yesterday another plus size lady alerted me to this.

I just want to say thank you to all the people who sent me supportive tweets, messages, Instagram comments etc. The plus size community, my friends and all decent people on Facebook who saw this were outraged on my behalf and I feel very loved and humbled by the support.

Just a quickie about the lack of content at the moment. My bestie is here for just over another week before she flies back to Canada. I haven't had a day free in about the last 10 days. As well as spending lots of time with her, we've been doing wedding planning for Rach's wedding next year. Myself and another bridesmaid have been trying on bridesmaids dresses, doing important plotting etc. Also, my services for IT help are in a lot of demand. I haven't done a spot of housework since Thursday. I haven't had a meal at home since Friday. Basically, I'm a wreck and I'm falling apart (I have lymph nodes up in my armpits as well as my neck now, and a stye) but I can recover once Rach has gone home.

BUT tomorrow I think I have a free day, so I shall spend a lot of time on blog stuff. Hope you're having a great week!

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