Westfield blogger meet & purchases

Hello pickles,

I went to Westfield on Saturday with many lovely ladies (mostly of the plus size blogging persuasion) and had a fabulous day. We had a long lunch and many hours shopping - we were there 7 hours!

Here's what I snapped up with the last of my birthday money (and a small donation from the Mr!)

Chevron tube maxi dress, Forever 21 size 3x, £18.75.
Crop top, Forever 21 size 3x, £5.
Frilly sock 3 pack, Primark, £2.
Pink clutch, Primark, £8.
Full length beach cover up, Primark £10.

 Wide fit shoes, Primark, £8.
Beach cover up, Primark, £8.
Nail polishes, Beauty Base, 99p each.

I don't know if we're going to have a holiday this year because of the expense of the new car, but I bought the cover ups in case we go away somewhere, and because I like that kind of hippie beach vibe.

I'd never heard of LA Colors before but they don't test on animals so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more from them in the future.

Abi also brought along some items to swap and she gave me a brand new cardi and some nail art glitters.

Here are some photos from the day.

In the car on the way there

We had a lot of fun in the changing room at Forever 21. There was a massive cubicle so about 8 of us piled in there to try things on and there were clothes being whipped on and off at lightning speed. Of course we had to take photos! :) Betty and I tried on clothes in New Look too, but I didn't like the look of anything I tried on myself there so didn't buy anything.

Becky and I

Lovely Abi

When it came to lunch Lauren had kindly arranged for a hefty Westfield Stratford gift card to pay for almost the entire cost of our lunches, so we only had to add a few pounds ourselves - bonus. The food was delicious and it was nice to sit down and talk. I was seriously flagging before lunch - the CFS was kicking my butt and I wasn't as chatty as usual as my brain was shutting off inessential tasks like the flapping of my gob. ;)

Lunch! Spicy chicken burger. So good!

Pudding - limoncello trifle. BEST THING EVARRR.

Mookie and Abi

Abi and I
Everyone at lunch. Mookie's photo

It was a really fun day and it was great to meet some people for the first time - Mayah, Lauren, Michaela, Natalie and Martyna - and catch up with some of the ladies I've met before - Becky, Betty, Abi, Leighanne and of course Mookie. I don't get to go to many events with other bloggers because I'm reliant on hubby to chauffeur me around, but when I can I love to spend time with the ladies whose blogs I read.

It got SO crowded at Westfield in the afternoon though, far past the point of comfort for some of us, so if you're going get in and out early before the rush. It was mayhem. Although there's a lot more shops at Westfield, I prefer Lakeside as it's busy but not so much so you want to tear your own face off. It was quite unbearably hot there too. I had a glow on all day.

We stayed with my mother & father-in-law for the long weekend in London and it was lovely (apart from the pain 'hangover' from Saturday and a few near faints on Sunday/Monday.) More about the weekend will be coming up in another post, as I took eleventy million photos this weekend. We also got to hang out with our niece a couple of times while we were there, which was lovely.

I hope you had a great weekend and I'll get to showing you the things I bought in outfit posts soon.

Thanks for reading.

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