New Look Inspire black lattice neck dress

Hello pickles,

I've kind of lost my mojo recently - for lots of reasons. I'm feeling great in myself but doing more self care is eating into my energy reserves and it's making me pretty insular. I'm even avoiding social media - ZOMG! We've had a really busy week and I don't have a free day until next Thursday so I'm a bit overwhelmed with stuff to do. I'm also feeling really self-critical and bleh because I'm hormonal. I'm not in the best place to be sharing myself as a blogger, but here I am anyway. I'm nothing if not persistent!

I bought a dress in the New Look sale and by the time it arrived it has sold out online. I hate when that happens. However, it is still available in coral, and you could check stores for stock of the black. It's a really pretty lined dress with a chiffon overlay. It comes up a little smaller than the average New Look Inspire dress, due to the lack of stretch in the chiffon. It's quite floaty and feminine and the lattice detail around the neck is really stunning. I'm not surprised it sold out quickly.

Excuse the carpet. We've been waiting 4 years for it to be replaced!

Dress, New Look Inspire,
Lace cardi, George at Asda, almost sold out
Leggings, Very
Shoes, old Evans

Right, I'm going to search for my mojo. Wish me luck! I hope your week is going great.

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