A little shopping trip

Hello Friday people!

Yes, I know, another shopping trip. Believe it or not apart from the money I spent on lunch, I ended up in the plus. I paid in a month old birthday money cheque (I'm shit at running errands!), spent a Boots voucher and sent something back which wasn't me at all so once the refund clears I had a free shopping trip, whee.

I went to town with my bestie and we fell into New Look as you do. They were having a sale so we both bought a few things. Here's what I got:

This dress is a black and white daisy print, a size 26 and cost £7.

It has a functional zip and is a really lightweight material which will be great for summer.

This peplum top was £6. Size 26.

I got these cute rings too in silver/rose/gold tone. 12 for £3!

Then we went to H&M and I bought this cover up which was £13. It's an XL.

I have a thing for cover ups, which you may have noticed since I've bought 3 in the last month. It hadn't dawned on me until I read a piece in Evans' latest mailer where their senior marketing coordinator, a lady called Sarah Patel said that wearing beachwear cover ups in summer is a great way to be covered and yet stay cool. Cover ups are usually made of thin materials and quite capacious, the perfect thing to wear on hot summer days. All it needs is some leggings or skinny jeans, a vest top or crop top (either underneath or over the top of) a beach cover up and you're 'decent' but not swaddled under a million layers. It's such a simple idea which had never occurred to me before but now it has (thanks Sarah!) I'm on a mission to find allllllll the cover ups. I overheat so badly in summer and need to have my skin covered as much as possible (Fibro peeps are very prone to heat exhaustion/sunstroke) but airy fabrics will help so much.

I also went into Boots as I said, and it was 3 for 2 so I went hog wild on Barry M and bought 6 nail polishes (gave one to Rach) and 3 lipsticks.

Expect to see the clothes in outfit posts soon and nail swatches/lip swatches soon.

Right, that's every last drop of birthday money/vouchers spent so I have to be a good girl now. Lord help me!

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