My weekend - 2 films, a christening and a knees up

Hiya lovelies!

I hope you had a great weekend? It was gorgeous here in the UK - sunny and warm.

On Friday I helped my ex boss set up a Facebook page for his business, so he took me out for lunch to thank me. On Friday evening we had a few friends round. We had an Indian and watched Anchorman 2. It was funny in parts but the ending fight-but-not-a-fight sequence was weird. Like 'Who smoked all the pot?' weird. With added Kanye West - and that's always weird.

Saturday morning we said goodbye to Rach (who'd stayed over with us) then went on the hour and a bit drive to Kent to see my dad, cousin and niece. (It's my dad's birthday today, 61 years young!) We only stayed a couple of hours as we needed to go and fix my aunt's laptop. Unpaid tech help never ends, hahaha.

My dad

My niece. The front camera makes everyone look long faced!

After that we headed off to my aunt & uncle's house a few miles away, and my mum and step dad were also there. I got stuck in straight away and started teaching my aunt how to use Facebook and Twitter, then hubs took over with the more technical stuff she needed doing. My mum lost some of her make up in their house move so I took her a couple of eyeshadow palettes and a mascara so she can feel pretty. We only stayed there for a few hours then went to London to see hubby's parents. Our weekends away are always this manic when we go visiting family! Too many lovely people, not enough time.

The Shard on Instagram
The Shard from Wapping

We got to London and had a roast dinner, then watched Hercules, the one with Kellan Lutz in it. The script, acting and CGI were terrible. The best thing about the whole lot was Kellan's sculpted man boobs, which looked to be about a D cup. ;)

Ready to sleep like a log.

Sunday morning saw us all dressed up in our finest togs to go to our baby niece's christening. We had a wonderful drive through central London, Camden and Hampstead to the Greek church in Golders Green. Hampstead is lovely! It has a country village feel although it's in London and I'd love to go back sometime to explore it.
Camden on Instagram

I've been to Camden many times in the past, but not very often since I've been ill as central London on foot and on the Tube is too taxing for me. I'd never driven through it before so it was nice to take it all in from the car.

A lot of the shop fronts in Camden have large 3D art on them, which is interesting as it always seems to change in between visits.

Camden Lock on Instagram

It was SO busy there. I was glad we were just driving through.

A busy Sunday in Camden

Another big piece of art.

Camden Lock on Instagram

We got to the church about half an hour early, met the priest and sat down in the cool air inside to wait for everyone else to arrive. The church was absolutely stunning. The stained glass was the most colourful I'd ever seen, and there was intricately carved wood everywhere. It was a beautiful venue for little E's christening. She looked as cute as a button in her outfits (one for before the dunking and one for afterwards) but we don't take photos of her as we feel her parents should have control over who gets to see her cute little face.

What a gorgeous light fitting!

After the ceremony (which was complete with sing-song chanting from the priest and incense wafting) we went round to E's granddad (on the maternal side) for the christening party. Greeks certainly know how to throw a party! Grandad Tony is such a wonderful host - he won't stand for an empty glass and makes enough food to feed an army. We'd barely been sitting down for 5 minutes before the ladies came round bearing trays of nibbles to tide us over until the rest of the food was cooked. There were children running around happily, lots of laughter, lots of wine refills, and a really warm 'extended family' atmosphere which made us feel right at home from the minute we stepped through the door. It was the second party we'd been to there, and we saw some of the same people as last time and they're all so warm and friendly. Good vibes! We had to leave reluctantly around 6.30pm because it's more than a 2 hour drive home, but before we did I was given baklava for the road, a slice of cake and a pastry. They are good people! I have warm fuzzies now and will for days.

What did you get up to?

Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

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