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Hello lovelies!

Lovely Nancy did a 'getting to know me' type post recently and it made me wonder if there was anything I hadn't already said, considering I have verbal diarrhoea. I need to dig deep.

Sophie, me & Rach (we're going to be Rach's bridesmaids next year)
  • I met my bestie Rach at a local pub about 5 years ago. How it happened was Rach's friend fancied my man slice. Their 'in' was talking about his hair (which to be fair, a lot of people comment on because it's so thick) and we had a jolly ol' evening getting drunk together as we watched a friend's band play. (I didn't find out Rach's friend was intent on 'stealing' my maaaan until much later.) Anyhow, because our (by now) mutual friend told a pretty unforgivable lie, the horror of finding out she'd been fooling us all for 6 months threw those of us in the aftermath together. We don't really have her in our lives now - it's all rather sad. And all the while my husband was blissfully unaware of the interest in him. ;)
  • My favourite ever job was the 4 years I spent cleaning airplanes at Gatwick. It was physically the most difficult job I've ever had. It was back-breaking work in all weathers with ex-army and ex-military police managers yelling at us to go faster (no pressure then!) but the people I worked with were excellent - all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities. It was fantastic. It was both a great time and an awful time of my life. I'd left behind most of my family, my boyfriend and everyone else I knew, but it was really liberating. During this time I broke up with my fella (who was a cheating twat), cut all my hair off so I looked like a boy (the 'I don't need you any more!' hair cut), had loads of money for the first time in my life and had a great social life. It went to pot at the end when I had the accident with my knee but it was a time of my life I look back on fondly, partly because I was working at the same place as my dad and brother. Awww.
  • If not for alcohol, I would've led the most boring life ever because I came out of the womb anxious. Seriously. Until I did CBT last year I thought it was normal to hate every bit of life outside my home (sober, at least.) Sober, I'm a tangle of swirling thoughts. Pissed, I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me. I have no inhibitions at all drunk. It's quite scary, which is why I hardly ever have more than 2 drinks now. 3 or more drinks and I get the taste, and then all bets are off. It's like there's an imbalance in my brain which turns on the nutty behaviour when I drink. All my good stories are booze related, and most of them are too incriminating to repeat here. I'm a happy drunk though, I love everyone! I don't regret pissing it up in my youth one bit, even though I did have a drink problem for a while after my accident. At least I got most of it out of the way before killer hangovers were a thing. Drink your fill before you're 30 people, because it's no joke when they say your hangovers are a nightmare as you get older. It's a shame I'm not going to have any kids to embarrass with my stories, ha.
  • All my close family are nocturnal. My dad and brother work nights (or my dad did until he was ousted from his job) and my mum and I are both night owls. Mornings, meh.
  • When I laugh really hard I snort like a pig.
  • Of all the things I've lost through chronic illness, going to gigs (and going to London for adventure filled days and nights full stop) is the thing I miss the most. I've had some of the best times of my life in the big smoke, even if the filthy air does give you black bogeys. Trufax.
  • This lady (Nikki) is going through a tough time at the moment. She means the world to me, and her laugh is even filthier than mine (which is fairly diffIcult since I laugh like a donkey!) so I hope she has cause to laugh more soon. Everyone needs a Nikki laugh, it's infectious.
Nikki Noo

Honk honk

There are other people I know going through hard things at the moment, like my friend with Rheumatic Arthritis, and I know life seems to throw things at people all at once sometimes. To anyone reading who's got shit hitting the fan from all angles, I hope life starts to smile on you a bit more soon. Virtual squidges from me.

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