Cake, but not that kind

Hello sweet peas!

My friend Rachel posted a link on Facebook to a film called Cake, about a woman suffering with chronic pain. It stars Jennifer Aniston and it sounds promising as it'll shed light on millions of people who are going through it. Apparently Jen's character is addicted to pain pills and alcohol, which of course not everyone suffering chronic pain can identify with, but I'm hoping the film will help raise awareness regardless.

(If you're reading via email you will have to click through to watch the video.)

I'm thinking about doing Fatshion February again this year, and that has surprised me. A couple of days ago I was thinking 'I might start doing less outfit posts and go for quality over quantity' and then I thought again, in the short term at least. I have so much stuff it's a shame not to wear/use it, especially as I haven't really got dressed in the best part of a week, so doing FF might be a good way of giving some of my lesser worn items a wear. If I could, I'd do every single outfit post outside as the light and scenery is so much nicer than anywhere indoors (which in itself is a reason to spend this year prettifying the flat) but people around here are such rubberneckers that going out with the tripod on my own isn't an appealing thought after last time with so many people stopping to stare. Trying to get James out of the house again when he gets in from work is usually a no-go. He works so hard he's always tired, bless him. I need a robot photographer I can fire up just when I need it.

Anyway, watch this space. ;)

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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