Witchin' in the woods


On Sunday James and I went for a walk around the local park/woods and lake. I was somewhat overdressed compared to the dog walkers and people fishing, but hey ho. :) It was so good to move again after a week or so of being so fatigued I could barely stay vertical.

Let's have a break for a gif, shall we?

Floppy felt hat, past season ASOS
Dolly coat, past season ASOS Curve
Necklace, New Look (not online, might be in stores)
Sheena wrap dress, Boohoo+
40 denier tights, eBay
New Look wide fit multi strap shoes past season New Look

Handbag, very old eBay

I'm wearing a 24 in the dress and it's really stretchy so it's fine. It's a bit clingy and the lycra fabric is pretty unforgiving, but no biggie. The tights I'm wearing because Mrs Bebe recommended them. They're for an up to 60 inch hip and my thunder thighs are bigger than that but they still fit. They're not the best tights for comfort to be honest, but they're not the worst either. They don't quite pull up all the way over my bubble butt, so they tend to fall down a bit as I walk. I walked all the way around the lake in them and they weren't too bad (I have been known to literally rip tights right off my body if they're really uncomfortable) but I was aware that the twin rear seams were dropping further down the backs of my thighs with time. I wanted a cheap pair of colourful tights to wear to funk up my outfits and they do the job - they cost £3.55 and are available in a bunch of colours. I may have ordered a couple more. ;) They're also quite good quality. The amount of times I've put my nails through cheap tights as soon as I put them on, but these have been worn twice and pulled up a LOT and are fine.

I've had another think about Fatshion February and I'm going to do it. I'm not sure if I'll post every day but I'll do my best. It'll give me a well needed chance to root through my clothes and pick out some to sell, some to donate and maybe some to take to clothes swaps. I also want to challenge my thought process where I only feel like an outfit is good enough if I'm dressed up to the nines. I don't really do casual - I'm an all or nothing girl. It's a dress and pretty shoes or my onesie! So my challenge to myself will be to do some casual looks and not freak out if I don't look 'put together' enough.

When I examine why I feel like this, I think it's because when you're fat you don't really get to do the whole tracksuit and sweaty hair thing. If you're less than a 100% groomed people tend to treat you like a leper. A smart fattie, no problems. A dressed down one? Viewed as a slob by a lot of people, I'm sure. At least in my experience. So yes, Fatshion February will be a good chance to do some ordinary outfits, because most of my days are ordinary! I'm don't do housework in Louboutins. I don't wash up wearing an ermine stole (fake fur all the way, daaahlinks!) and neither do most of you, I'm sure. :)

Thanks for listening to me waffle on.
Leah xoxo

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