Ted Baker make up set

Hello lovelies,

I haven't done a Christmas presents post as I got mostly money this year, but I will be showing some of the things I got in various posts here and there. My brother and sister in law bought me this set for Christmas and I'm really rather taken with it, not just for the makeup in it, but for the storage I can use it for as well. I'm a sucker for pretty storage.

It's a lovely set with a magnetic lid with a mirror in it and a drawer underneath. It has 2 nail polishes, 2 face highlighters, a blusher/highlight and a kabuki brush, a lip crayon, a lipstick, 2 gorgeously creamy eye shadow sticks, a liquid eyeliner, a mascara and an eyelash curler.

The blusher it is doesn't really show up on my skintone at all but makes my skin really soft so that's a bonus. The kabuki is losing hairs at such a rate I think it'll resemble Bruce Willis soon. ;) The lip crayon and lipstick are both lovely shades of red, and the eyeshadow sticks are both super soft and sheeny without being too in-your-face. The eyeliner has a felt tip nib, and is rather wet - I dislike dry nibs as they drag on my ol' girl eyelids and I end up looking like I did my makeup sitting on a seesaw. The mascara seems to be basic with a small but very flexible brush. The facial highlighers are great. I haven't done any more than swatch as yet but so far I'm impressed. The packaging of the makeup itself is very plasticky and basic, and probably wouldn't hold up to being bashed about in a makeup bag for long, but I understand quality has to be compromised somewhat to make sets like these viable at Christmastime.

As luck has it, Ted Baker doesn't test on animals (according to PETA, who seem to be the best authority on such matters.) YES! Now I know this I will happily buy my friends and relatives TB goodies at Christmas. I just love it when big companies buck the trend and don't test on animals. There's really no need these days.

As you can see there's lots of room left in the box - with all the contents taken out of their plastic trays it all fits in the top part - so I look forward to stashing more makeup in the bottom. My makeup collection is currently partly in the living room in faux leather storage cubes under our coffee table (the cubes double up as footrests - heaven!) and partly in my IKEA Alex unit in the bedroom. The bedroom is very dark and I no longer have a dressing table so I do all my makeup in the living room at present - the light is so much better there too. I keep meaning to swap makeup out from my stash in the living room and pull some things out of the bedroom which haven't been used in a while, but I keep falling for new goodies from Makeup Revolution and buying new things instead. Aaaargh.

This also matches my lovely mirror my friend Rachel bought me.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

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