Outfit post || Cosy in Cooden

Hello sweet peas!

On Sunday I was on day 3 of the flu and I felt hellish but knew if we went out for some fresh air it would help a bit. Hubby drove us to nearby Cooden and we had a brief walk along the beach so I could get some fresh air into my lungs.

I was dressed for comfort over style.

The sun was really bright and it was hurting my eyes, but golden hour light (as the sun is preparing to go down) is so warm and lovely.

I'm wearing:

Boyfriend jacket, past season New Look Inspire
Watercolour check dress, past season Ann Harvey
Scarf, Christmas present
Cynthia embellished bow shoes, past season Very
Hair flower, old as the hills

This scarf James's mum and dad got me for Christmas is so soft and stretchy and has dark pink, purple, black and silver in it. It's a bit kooky and a lot me.

Hopefully this flu will bog off soon so I can crack on with 2015 properly!

Thanks for reading, and if you have the 2015 FLU-BOLA I feel for you. Ugh.

Leah xoxo

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