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Hola lovelies!

I'm wearing yet another LOTR-themed t-shirt today. I have banned myself from looking at Tee Fury as I have no control whatsoever when they're selling Lord of the Rings or Hobbit themed tops. They do 2 t-shirts of the day each day, which sell from $11 each depending on size and are only on sale for one day. To clarify - unless Tee Fury decides to bring this tee back at a later date you can't buy it, so I have no link to post for it.

Please excuse the grain in the photos, it was getting dark.

I always buy a 3X in the t-shirts. The fabric is thick and heavy and thus not as stretchy as some t-shirts can be. I've slashed the neck and cut about half an inch off the sleeves. I'm wearing the skirt in a size 28. It's not as long or as stretchy as the H&M dusky pink tulle skirt, but I wanted a black one and I got it for 20% off. I like dressing up and tulle makes me feel like a princessy child. :)

It has an opaque close fitting stretchy underskirt and then the flouncy tulle over the top.

Here are some photos of resting bitch face and my makeup.

I'm wearing:
Rivendell Cider t-shirt, Tee Fury $13
Tulle skirt, past season ASOS Curve
Shoes, past Everything 5 Pounds
Lippie - MUA Caramel Nougat lip liner with clear lip balm on top

Have you got anything made of tulle?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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