Thank you

Hello love bugs,

It's always good to go into a new year with gratitude at heart, so here are some thank yous.

To my readers, for giving me a purpose. Having Fibromyalgia and CFS is a brain-numbing existence, and having a purpose really helps me cope. Knowing that if I write a post I will usually have comments to reply to is an incentive for me to get out of bed on my most depressed days. Having new things to share with you gives me a reason to get up, get dressed and get made up, which in turn has such a huge impact on my well being. Look good, feel good totally works for me. Thanks for making me feel I'm not talking to myself, for cheering me up when I'm low, for making me laugh and inspiring me with the things you share with me. It sounds cheesy, but without you there'd be no point in blogging.

To my fellow bloggers, many of whom paved the way before me (and gave me the strength to start blogging myself) for making me feel like part of a community, even though I've very rarely felt at home anywhere.

To my husband, for indulging my whims to go out of the house (when he'd rather be playing Kerbals or some other pc game) so I can take outfit photos in all weathers. Thank you for taking about 70 photos of me in every conceivable pose lest I get home and decide I hate my face in all of them. Thank you for learning what kind of shots I like, and for making me laugh so I look natural when you're behind the lens. (As opposed to when I'm taking shots on the self timer where I'm invariably wondering if I've got that f*!king hair band on my wrist agaaaaaaain and am therefore frowning my face off.) Thank you for waiting for me to do my hair and make up even though I take ages and you're clearly losing the will to live while I do. Thank you for driving me to events even though you can't remember who any of my blogging friends are, let alone know what the hell I'm jabbering on about or what the event is even about. Thank you for putting up with my spending habits and general whirlwind of discarded clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery from excitedly preparing for outfit posts. Thanks for putting up with the huge amount of stuff that comes through the door on a monthly basis to feed my maximalist urges.

Thanks to the companies who've sent this sweary ol' bird items to review this year and not been put off by my fondness for the occasional F-bomb and my frank admissions about my physical and mental health. Likewise thank you to the companies who've invited me to their events. I promise to drink less wine next time, honest. ;)

Thanks to the mother and father in law for letting me stay at their place in London so I could attend London events.

Thanks to my everyone on social media who's interacted with me this year, put up with my endless selfies (which make me feel less crap about my depression) and have made me laugh, inspired me and enriched my life.

Thanks to the (rare) haters who make me even more determined to carry on doing what I do so other women just like me realise they're awesome as they are and don't need to change a damn thing to be loved, desired and respected.

What are you grateful for going into 2015?

Thanks for reading (and I hope you're not too hungover today!) ;)
Leah xoxo

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