Photo Story #10


I hope your weekend has been a cracker. Today's photo story photos were taken in May, in Lewes, when James and I were there with Mike and Mookie. There are always lots of photos left over from our meet ups.

Something I find ironic about a lot of imagery to do with churches and God is that it's quite bloomin' evil-looking. The twisted spire, the heavy metal cross atop the gate, the evil looking sword. Put the right filters on the first photo and it could be a cover for some kind of black metal album. ;) This is St Michael's Church in Lewes town centre.

Sculpture of St Michael

Moving on from the church, I liked the contrast between the aged hinges and the brightly coloured paint.

We didn't visit the castle, but I'd like to on another occasion.

Of course I can't finish without another photo of Mookie and I. :)

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