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Hiya lovelies,

I take part in a monthly challenge called Outside Your Comfort Zone with a bunch of lovely ladies and the theme this month is shorts. The challenge is organised by Steph and I'm almost a month late posting it. Oops.

Well, I don't actually possess any, but I do have comfort shorts, for chafing - chub rub as it's known in fatty circles. Then by fate Donatella's sent some new 20 denier anti chafing shorts for me to try out, so I wore them for the day and will review them here. They come in black and beige, in 2 sizes (3X-4X, 5X-6X) and in short and long. I'm wearing long ones.

Firstly, being 20 denier, they're cool and lightweight, which is great for this hot weather we're currently having on and off in the UK at the moment. I wore the shorts out on an errand to the post office and around the house all day. They have two seams at the back and one in the front, which I like - I can't bear tights with two seams at the front. I find them so uncomfortable. They have an inch wide stretchy waistband and are hemmed at the knee.

I didn't find myself sweating wearing them and they kept me cool, but it was a day when I didn't have to do a whole lot of walking. Some people have fat inner thighs, but my inner legs touch right down to above my knee, and if I had done a lot of walking I think I may have had a little soreness. I know this from experimenting with lots of different denier tights in the last couple of years, and generally for an active day I need 50 denier or more to stop my legs from cooking one another. They were very comfortable to wear and I hardly knew I had them on. They stayed put too, something I was worried about as there was no elastic at the knee.

I'm wearing the shorts in a 5X-6X and there was ample stretch in the shorts themselves, but I found the seams to be slightly less stretchy. You can see in one of the photos above that one of the seams is peeking out from under my dress, so it's quite a way from sitting at my crotch. Despite this the seams didn't rub and weren't uncomfortable, as the seams are finely made. By the end of the day there were some ladders on the seams where they were stretched over my bounteous behind, but it didn't affect my comfort and there were no actual holes or rubbing.

The shorts are £4.99 and I would say they're perfect for summery occasions where you may not be walking too much, such as weddings or other occasions where you're wearing a dress or skirt and may not want to add to the heat with leggings. With careful use and if you're less blessed in the bum than me and putting less strain on the seams, you may get several wears out of them.

My tights tips:

  • When I'm putting on tights of any denier I remove my rings and file my nails to make sure there's nothing sharp to snag on.
  • If I'm wearing fine denier tights (up to about 40 denier) I make sure my feet are moisturised so there's no icky hard skin to catch the tights. There's nothing worse than laddering a brand new pair of tights as soon as you put them on! 
  • Hand wash fine denier tights and air dry. I machine wash thick tights. 

I'm wearing:

Dress, given to me by Mookie
Comfort shorts, Donatella's*
Fake Melissa jelly shoes, eBay

Do you wear comfort/anti chafing shorts? Or do you use an anti chafing cream? Even when I was hardly plus size I always chafed. It's not just something suffered by larger people, it depends on the placement of your pelvis. Donatella is due to bring these shorts out in smaller sizes, so that's great.

Now I've decided to love my legs despite their scars and discolouration, I might actually buy some proper shorts!

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*The anti chafe shorts were gifted to me but my review is honest and my own.

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