OMCZ 5 - Bare arms or cold shoulders

Hello lovelies,

Outside My Comfort Zone is a monthly fashion challenge organised by Steph. It hasn't been long since last month's post as I was really late putting it up.

This month's challenge is about bare arms or cold shoulder tops. I've cheated slightly by wearing cap sleeves today but I have plenty of bare armed photos from the past like here and here. The idea with this challenge is that the theme each month is out of the comfort zone for some of us who do the challenge. I'm not too bothered about bearing my arms any more. If it's hot, I'm not going to boil to save someone else's eyeballs from seeing my fat arms.

God I look tired in these photos, and I am. My step dad is back in hospital again having more intensive treatment. He has a rarer form of non-Hodgkins than they previously thought. It's very aggressive, but is supposed to respond well to treatment. Because it's a bit more specialist he's not in the local hospital to them, and I worry about my mum being on her own, as well as my step dad's outcome. He's got 5 days of intensive treatment ahead of him starting Friday, and then about another 8 months' worth afterwards. Any good juju you can conjour up will be appreciated. God knows how my mum is coping - I feel like I'm weighed down with concrete and I'm not even there to see it first hand.

I'm wearing:

Top, gift from my cousin
Harem pants, past H&M
Shoes, last year Everything 5 Pounds
Hair slide, July Crown & Glory Glitterati subscription box
Necklace, Jewel Street

Do you mind wearing sleeveless tops? Or do you cover up?

Thanks for reading,

Leah xoxo

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