Outfit | Fatkini part one

Hello loves,

I've gotten back into Tumblr recently and it's made me realise how far removed blogging is from the kind of ballsy representation of fat bodies on Tumblr. Fashion blogging is all about perfect poses, the right lighting, the right scenery. Tumblr is dirty piles of clothes on the floor, smeared mirrors, fat rolls, cellulite and no effs given.

So with that honest representation of bodies in mind, I've decided to share some fatkini pictures here. I've bought 2 fatkinis/bikinis/two pieces (or whatever else you want to call them) in the last two weeks.

FOREVER 21 PLUS TROPICAL PRINT BIKINI I posted a photo of myself in the other fatkini on my personal Facebook page with a little message and I thought I would share what I said here. (I'll share the other fatkini photos on another day.) This is what I said:

How would you feel if you saw me or someone as fat as me on the beach in a two piece? Would you laugh behind your hands, point, or feel the need to tell me I'm disgusting? Would you take photos or video to share on social media to mock me? 

All this and worse has happened to other fat women. 

This isn't brave of me. This is what my body looks like today. Next week it might look a bit different. It waxes and wanes with hormones and IBS flare ups, but very little otherwise. My body doesn't signify laziness, or dirtiness, or disease. It's just a fucking body, yet on reading the average newspaper or magazine, people like me are viewed like the Antichrist. 

My body deserves to feel the sun on it the same as anyone else's body does. My concern is about my joy, not anyone else's eyeballs, and if no one likes what they see, they can look in another direction. Choice and a head which can turn are magical things *sarcasm*. Next time you see someone who isn't in possession of a 'bikini body' or who looks a bit different to the norm having fun regardless ask yourself do they deserve the same joys that you do? I'm hoping you'll agree they do. ;)

This fat body WILL be on the beach in a 2 piece this year and no fucks shall be given. The feeling of the breeze and sea on my body will overrule the fears of stupid people being tools because they've developed a belief system in which 'perfection' is currency. I opted out of that crap and I'm much happier for it. 

I'm wearing the top and bottoms in a 3X. The top isn't as supportive as I'd like as I've got a mild case of armpit boobs, but the bottoms are very comfortable so I'm keeping them. High waisted pants are never that high waisted on me because my bum and belly eat up so much fabric, but these bikini bottoms give slightly more coverage than my other F21+ bottoms do.


Bikini top, Forever 21+
Bikini bottoms, Forever 21+
Plimsolls, New Look wide fit

I will post the other fatkini photos in a few days.
What do you wear to the pool or beach?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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