Outfit | Blown sideways on Bodmin Moor


When James and I were on our way to Cornwall we took the scenic route through Bodmin Moor to take in the lovely views. If we have the choice to go down a boring motorway or head off on the scenic route, we always do the latter.

This was a lovely place to stop. Sheep were grazing on the side of the road and there was a car park with panoramic views - these photos were taken from this viewpoint.

There are some people who manage to look pristine no matter what the weather. I'll be the first to hold my hands up and day I am not one of them! I look less than polished in these photos but it was so windy that I could barely remain upright. :) It's no surprise the vegetation has to hunker down close to the ground to survive. I'd hate to be up there on a really windy day.

When I'm travelling comfort is always my first concern above all else. The dress and cardi are both extremely lightweight, perfect for hot days. The shoes are very comfortable - so much so that I've worn them till they're falling to bits. I've had them since last year and at about £3-4 I think I can splash out for another pair next time I'm near a Primark.

Squinting into the sun

I'm wearing:

Lace cardi, past season Asda
Ditsy print dress, past season New Look Inspire
Cropped leggings, Very (from a twin pack - one full length, one cropped.)
Plimsolls, Primark.
Hair flower, Peacocks.

Have you ever been to Bodmin Moor? I'd actually like to stay there for a day or two another time and explore some of the old tin and copper mining villages and maybe visit the Cheesewring. There's even a place called Minions! I so wish we went so I could take a photo by the road sign. :)

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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