Photo Story #9

Hiya! Happy Saturday.

Today's Photo Story is St Michael's Mount, in Cornwall. I absolutely LOVE St Michael's Mount and have been to gaze at it wistfully many times, visited a few times over the years, climbed right to the top on one occasion, and even had to be ferried back to shore in a rickety row boat many years ago, when the tide came in while we were exploring.

I think these photos were taken in 2010 when we were on holiday in Cornwall with James's parents. 

I recommend clicking on the link above if you want to read more as there are lots of gorgeous photos as well as more information.

There's something magical about the place, and I thoroughly recommend a visit if you're in South Cornwall. There's something incredibly special about walking over the causeway, knowing in a few hours it'll be covered again by the sea. You may even see the dedicated National Trust volunteers maintaining the causeway as you walk across it. And once you're there, you can't help but feel dwarfed by the castle, looming above the lush vegetation. Whether you admire it from afar or go to the top to have a closer look, it's totally entrancing. I hope to visit again soon.

Have you ever been to St Michael's Mount?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.
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